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EPIC Therapeutic Approach

4KIDS developed the EPIC Therapeutic Approach to uniquely teach parents, educators, and other community members how to tap into the power of trust-based relationships with kids.

“EPIC” is an acronym that makes it easy for caregivers to remember that to deepen their connection with a child or teen, they need to address their Emotional, Physical, Intellectual, and Character-based needs. Kids who have experienced any kind of abuse, neglect, or abandonment can especially benefit from having trusted adults in their life who use the EPIC Therapeutic Approach.

Interested in learning more? Here are all the ways you can dive deeper into EPIC:


Learn more about the fundamentals of the 4KIDS EPIC Therapeutic Approach.

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EPIC Therapy is not just for children in foster care. This approach is effective for all parents and families.

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Join us for one of our monthly EPIC Trainings. You can learn more about how to apply these techniques to your family, church, and work.

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Parent Resources

Watch videos, read blogs and learn more about trauma-informed care.

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Connect with your child through Everyday Moments while instilling God’s Word!

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Our blog provides practical tools to help families and organizations provide trauma-based care for children in their homes and communities.

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Watch our therapists talk about diverse topics on parenting, dealing with trauma and more!

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See the Impact from Last Year


Kids served through EPIC therapy


Family members served through EPIC therapy


Hours of therapy were provided to kids, young adults and parents


Parents and community members trained in EPIC


International individuals and partners trained in EPIC

Working as a team with our therapist, we have helped our foster children
learn new skills and meet their needs so they could form healthy, loving
attachments. We know that whatever happens, they now have a strong
foundation that will be theirs forever.

– Foster Parent