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EPIC Online Resources

4KIDS developed a unique, EPIC Therapeutic Approach to bring more children and families into hope-filled healing by addressing the Emotional, Physical, Intellectual, and Character (EPIC) based needs of kids.

While a lot of the training was created for children in foster care, this relationship-focused material is still useful for parenting and working with all the kids in your life! We hope that by using EPIC, you will be better able to connect with children and teens. Check out all our online resources below!

Blog Posts

The 4KIDS Team has put together several blogs on various topics to help parents and kids thrive.

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EPIC Videos

Watch the latest EPIC video for a therapeutic tool you can begin to use with your kids right away!

Quick Tips

Download quick tip sheets made by 4KIDS Clinical Team for different ideas on how to help kids navigate the trauma that may have been brought on by the global health crisis.

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