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His Caring Place History

Julie’s Story

In 1977, Julie West Sorrelle became pregnant at age eighteen. Frightened and feeling hopeless, she scheduled an abortion. Just days before her appointment, she decided, instead, to complete her pregnancy. With her parents’ support, Julie moved into a Christian maternity home in Pennsylvania where she received guidance and encouragement throughout her pregnancy. After giving birth to a healthy baby boy and placing him for adoption with a loving Christian couple, Julie returned home to South Florida to complete the healing process.

God used Julie’s experience to plant a desire in her family’s heart to create a similar ministry in South Florida, and after much prayer and careful planning, His Caring Place opened its doors in 1984. Throughout the years, this residential home has served hundreds of young women and their families, not only practically, but also spiritually. Today, we marvel at how God continues to use the life of a desperate, fearful teenager to prove His faithfulness to many others just like her.