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EPIC Blog: 4KIDS Family Interview: The Bernatek Family

May 6th, 2021 l Author: Daniela Bolla, BSW

The Bernatek family have been fostering with 4KIDS for almost three years. Since opening their home, they have had four little ones come into their care— one of which has now been adopted! Below, Amy (Foster Mother) shares insight on their fostering experience so far.

1. What made you decide to foster?

Fostering had been on our hearts for quite some time, but timing never seemed right. Then, in January 2018, my husband and I both felt a tug during a church service. Our Pastor’s wife was speaking about the need for more foster families, and it was as if her words were spoken directly to us. My husband looked at me and told me to contact our Pastor’s wife to figure out what we needed to do to get licensed, and shortly after meeting with her, we signed up for the foster parent training with 4KIDS.

2. What was it like getting the first call to take in a child?

Ironically, the day our oldest daughter moved out of our house for an internship out-of-state, we received our license. It was just hours after she left. That night, we got the call for a 2-month old baby boy who was being removed due to concerns for his safety. After much back and forth with potential reunification, the judge changed his case’s goal to adoption and we said yes to forever with him!

3. What are a few “wins” you have had while fostering?

Fostering, and then adoption, has given us a precious child that we didn’t know we were missing. It has also been beautiful to see how our four biological children have loved and given so abundantly of themselves to each child we have fostered. It has brought out a side of our other children we had no idea was there. To see them love and be so open to a child that previously had no one advocating for them has been so powerful.

4. What would you say to someone considering becoming a foster parent?

I know many people feel unprepared to be a foster parent, but part of that eases after taking the training classes. The rest is just saying “yes” to the unknowns. Be willing to learn new things and allow God to equip you along your fostering journey. Each case is different, just as each child is different. It does get messy sometimes, but life is messy. Relationships can be messy as well. But I can promise that you won’t regret the time invested with a child who needs you. You may feel like you lose a little bit of your heart, but I believe you gift a piece of you back to each child that is theirs to keep forever.

If you are interested in getting more information on becoming a foster parent, please visit: 4KIDS.us/Foster