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EPIC Blog: Building Relationship With Summer Fun

July 12th, 2021 l Author: Sophia Oropeza, BSW Intern

As the peak of summer approaches, families everywhere can’t wait to go out and have some “fun in the sun!” We encourage families of all kinds to be intentional during this season to build connection with your kids. Here are some ways you can grow in relationship with your kids during the break from school:

Be Like Them

What kinds of activities do your children enjoy doing? Step into their world and have them show you more about a hobby, game, or skill they find exciting. Ask them to show you how to make a particular craft project or how to play their favorite video game. The goal here is to allow them to lead the activity and to teach you something about their interests.

Of course, there may be activities that your kids prefer to do on their own – and that’s ok! There are still ways to connect with them, such as encouragement and praise. The goal is simply to make the most of this free time to show them that you are interested in their passions and grow in relationship.

Make Them Laugh

In 1 John 4:18, we are told that “perfect love casts out fear.” As we imitate God’s love for us and show it to our kids, we can help reduce the fears our children may have inside. A great way to demonstrate our love for them is through play and laughter! Whether it’s a “knock, knock joke” shared over dinner, a tickle fight, or a gentle prank, there are so many simple ways to bring happiness into your home. Not only is this an opportunity to have fun, but overtime it can help break down the walls of fear… and open doors for trust in a relationship. So don’t be shy – be silly! Make the most of the little moments throughout the day to let loose with your kids.

Activities That Won’t Break the Bank

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have fun with your kids and grow in relationship. Here are some ideas to get you started on your summer fun:

  • Visit a County or State Park – Many parks near you may have fishing, biking, nature trails, disc golf, canoeing, kayaking, and much more available for a minimal fee. Getting active together outdoors is a great way to not just connect as a family but also encourage a healthy lifestyle.
  • Water-Based Activities – There’s no better way to beat the summer heat than with some water-based fun! Set up a water balloon fight in your backyard or create your own slip n’ slide with a plastic tarp, some soap, and water. You can also visit a local splash pad near you, or go to the community pool together.
  • Show and Tell – One night during the week, have each member of your family share an item that is meaningful to them (it could be a toy, a picture, school project, etc.). You can also take some time to look through old photos together and reflect on past memories.
  • Cook or Bake Together – This can be as simple as baking cookies from a pre-made mix, or attempting to make rice crispy treats from scratch. You can learn pick out a new dinner recipe together and have your child take the lead on it.
  • Make It A Movie Night – A film with a deep lesson behind it or an encouraging theme can not only lift your spirits, but it can potentially open doors for spiritual or life-giving conversation with your children. You can even take “movie night” to the next level by making a fort out of blankets and pillows in your living room or setting up your camping tent inside.
  • Rainbow Scavenger Hunt – Have each person in your family choose a color. Find 10 different things around your home that have that same color. Share with each other what you find! Afterwards, have each person make a list of the items they found on a sheet of paper and “re-hide” their items. Next, add a “clue” word beside each written item. Exchange papers with someone else, and see how many you can find!
  • Show Some Kindness – Have your children think of someone who could use some help or encouragement this summer. Encourage them to make a hand-made card or letter, deliver a care-package, or do a service project for them. There are so many simple ways to have fun while giving joy to others.