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Engage with 4KIDS and advocate for children and teens. Whether you attend an event or come out for a tour, you can be an essential part of ending the crisis.

Experience a 4KIDS Event

4KIDS Events are a great way to learn more about the need, introduce friends and community members to 4KIDS, as well as have fun all while helping kids find the hope, homes, and healing they need. From advocacy and awareness events to sports outings, there is something for everyone all year long! There are also countless opportunities for your business, church, or organization to partner with 4KIDS through one of our events.


Champions 4KIDS

Join a community dedicated to advocating for vulnerable children in our communities.

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Family Advocacy Ministry

Learn more about how your church can provide wrap around care for foster families in your community.

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Young Advocates 4KIDS

Young Advocates 4KIDS are using their voices to bring about awareness and action for kids who need a place to belong.

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Vision Tour

Learn more about the crisis from our passionate team on a tour at our main 4KIDS Headquarters. Learn how to advocate and share the 4KIDS story.

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An advocate is one who pleads the cause of another.


Advocates and partners can expand the vision of a home for every child in a variety of unique and powerful ways. Learn more about how your corporation or church can partner with 4KIDS.


Becoming a foster parent is one of the direct ways that you can engage with 4KIDS and meet an immediate need by opening your heart and home to children who need the love of a family.



Being a 4KIDS volunteer is a tangible way to provide hope to kids. Volunteers help 4KIDS grow resources, improve efficiencies, and provide greater care to the children and families we serve.