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4KIDS Transitional Independent Living - TIL 2:25

As young men and women age out of foster care at 18 they are often left with nowhere to go. Many of these young adults do not have the skills and resources needed to thrive independently and be on their own. 4KIDS Transitional Independent Living, known as TIL 2:25, exists to guide young men and women as they transition out of foster care and into adulthood by offering a two-year transitional independent living residential program.

During these two years, residents can complete their GED or further their education, gain employment experience, participate in life skills classes, and learn financial responsibility; all the while being surrounded by an encouraging group of resident advisors, mentors, and other young adults.

For more information, please contact Adrianne Morris at

Watch a Testimonial

Hear as Evans’ shares a few of the lessons he learned being both a resident and resident advisor at 4KIDS Transitional Independent Living.

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One of the many things that sets TIL 2:25 apart from other programs is the opportunity for residents to participate in regular life skills classes hosted by business professionals in the community, as well as underwriting expenses related to our annual Prom. If either of these opportunities is something that you or your organization would be interested in, please email