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CarePortal: The Heart of Prevention

All across our community there are children and families facing incredible challenges by no fault of their own. We believe that the right resource at the right time can not only meet their tangible needs, but also open a door of hope and transformation.

Since 1997, 4KIDS has been serving children and teens through establishing loving, Christian foster homes. Out of that same heart of service, 4KIDS has expanded our impact to include life-changing prevention for kids in our community. 4KIDS is leading the way in Broward, Palm Beach, the Treasure Coast, and the Southwest Florida counties with an initiative new to our community called CarePortal.

CarePortal is designed to connect churches, business, and individuals with the children and families who are at-risk or already a part of the child welfare system. The needs featured on CarePortal are vetted by child welfare professionals who know the struggles of the families. The top five most frequently requested needs on CarePortal are: beds and cribs, dressers, living room furniture, car seats, and seasonal items. You can watch this video to see how it all works.

We believe as a community, when we meet the right need at the right time, we can engage families in meaningful relationships, and we will see more children stay safely at home in their own communities, and see fewer children removed from their homes and entering the foster care system.

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Get your church connected to CarePortal so together you can respond to the needs of kids and families!

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If you don’t represent a church but would still like to sign up to meet tangible needs in your area, visit the main CarePortal site here.

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We can help prevent abuse and neglect by strengthening families in our community and building a relationship with them before a crisis occurs. Click below to search or scroll through a list of current needs listed on our CarePortal dashboard.

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