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Who We Serve

4KIDS Miami brings the hope of prevention, homes filled with love, and healing for kids and families. CarePortal brings life-changing, preventative care for at-risk families, 4KIDS Foster Families give kids the chance to experience the safety and love of a family, and 4KIDS’ EPIC Therapeutic Approach brings healing to kids and families who have experienced trauma. 4KIDS is there, bringing hope, homes, and healing to kids and families.

Foster Care

Every day children and teens are being removed from their homes and they need the love of a family who can give them a place to belong.

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4KIDS developed the EPIC Therapeutic Approach to uniquely teach parents, educators, and other community members how to tap into the power of trust-based relationships with kids.

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CarePortal is designed to connect churches, business, and individuals with the children and families who are at-risk or already a part of the child welfare system.


Miami-Dade Statistics


Babies, children, & teens were removed from their homes last year


Children in foster care are living in a shelter instead of with a loving foster family


Children were sent to another part of the state because there were not enough foster homes in Miami


Percent of the total number of kids removed from their homes last year could not be placed with their siblings


Percent decrease in the total number of kids removed from July 2023 to January 2024 of this year compared to the same time last year